Annual Meeting Dealing with Anisotropic Soft Matter
between the groups from Kent State University, McGill University
and Georgia Institute of Technology

Jan. 29 ~ Jan. 30, 2010
@ Georgia Institute of Technology

Content of the meeting

    • Biaxial Liquid Crystals
    • Liquid Crystal Elastomers
    • Chromonic Liquid Crystals
    • Defects in Liquid Crystals (Bloch Walls and the like)
    • Raman Scattering from Liquid Crystals
    • Use of High speed imaging in Liquid Crystals
    • Theory of Liquid Crystals

















Dr. Mohan Srinivasarao group's research covered the front page of '
Soft Matter Vol 5 No. 11'
(June 7, 2009).

'Non-Classical Scaling for forced wetting of a nematic fluid on a polymeric fiber'
Jung Ok Park, Alejandro D. Rey and Mohan Srinivasarao
Soft Matter V5, No.11, P 2277 (2009)



Dr. Srinivasarao specializes in physical chemistry of polymers, optics and physics of nematic liquid crystals, rheology and rheo-optics of polymeric fluids and liquid crystals, polymer / liquid crystal dispersions, various forms of light microscopy including confocal microscopy and photon tunneling microscopy, color science, and nano-optics in the biological world (color of butterfly wings, beetles, moths, and bird feathers).

The present group, consists of Dr. Jung O Park, one Post-Doc, four graduate students and two undergraduate student working on diverse areas. Matija Crne is working on optimizing the spinning of PMMA stereocomplex fibers to make self reinforced composites. Vivek Sharma imaged chaotic mixing of microdroplets, studied dynamics of rods and spheres to explain their shape separation during centrifugation and is now working on elucidating the mechanism of breath-figure templated assembly of bubbles in polymer films. Min Su and Xuxia have joined the group recently. The details of these topics is described in the links below.

Recent graduates (Georgia Tech): Dr. Jian Zhou studied anchoring transitions in PDLCs (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals), Dr. Lulu Song studied ordered arrays of bubbles in polymer films, Dr. J. S. Park synthesized supramolecular structures (rotaxanes and pseudo-rotaxanes) and studied their optical properties, Dr. Kyoungweon Park turned gold into nanorods, studied the mechanism of their growth, their optical properties and made liquid crystalline assemblies out of them and Haixia photopolymerized PDCLCs (polymer dispersed chiral liquid crystals), and studied their anchoring transitions for her MS degree.